Saturday, June 28, 2014

In Nalerigu

Part of the road to the hospital
I made it safely to Nalerigu and BMC on Thursday just before lunch. But I have not been able to get access to the internet to post any new information or pictures.
I am now staying in the Coppola's house while they are gone and they have fairly good internet access.

There is a new sign at the entrance listing all the services we offer and it is no wonder so many people come for treatment when one sees what all we can do and that we have "24 Hour Outpatient Service"!

Station Meeting Nalerigu June 26, 2014

Thursday nights all of the missionary staff get together for a time of fellowship, singing, devotional and prayer. Though this is a small group, most of those present left today. Only Peter and Erin, Tim and Lori Cahill and their two kids, and I are left. Tim and Lori are both doctors and there are also 4 Ghanaian doctors here right now.

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