Monday, June 30, 2014

First Monday Clinic

Monday clinics have always been one of the busiest of the week, coming after two days without clinic. And today was fairly busy. I think I saw about 70 patients and that is not a lot compared to what Dr. Hewitt and I used to see when we were younger.

On the way to work this morning I met this little fellow:

Chameleon out for a stroll

 Since I am here to relieve Dr. Coppola and am using her office, I am ending up seeing a lot of her patients. And since she is an Ob/Gyn, I end up seeing a lot of women. I am sure they were disappointed not to see Dr. Coppola after waiting long hours to be seen. Here is part of the group waiting patiently outside the office:

Some of the ladies waiting to be seen 30 June 2014

Each patient has a "folder" with their medical record, vital signs, diagnoses, labs and treatments. No electronic medical records here! Here is what my desk looked like around the middle of the afternoon (there is another big stack in the window):

Folders of patients to be seen

I also found this memo pad among the papers on the desk and cannot figure out why there is an ice cream scoop with the medical instruments and medical bed. Are they doing some new procedures that I haven't heard about? And such a big scoop!

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