Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Surgery Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays are set aside for elective surgery. Today we were pretty busy. I don't think I will show a lot of surgical pictures or cases. Dr. Muntaka helped me operate on a young man who had been through several surgeries and ended up with an ileostomy (opening for the small intestine on the abdominal wall). He has been waiting for some time for someone to come who could close the opening and restore his bowels to normal function. Anticipating a difficult case due to all the previous surgeries, I asked Dr. Muntaka to help me. It was much less difficult than we thought it would be and pray that the young man will have a good recovery.

In the afternoon I did mostly "minor" procedures. (I have been told that "minor" means it is not being done to you.) Here is a picture of the schedule for those cases:

Minor Surgery Schedule July 1, 2014
I did surgery until about 6:30 and then went to have supper with Peter and Erin. They had a rather unusual dish that was hard for any of us to eat, but it was good to visit with them for a little while. After eating they left to go and watch USA play Belgium and I came home to get ready for bed.
There is a nice steady rain right now and it has cooled things off a little. Should be good sleeping weather.

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  1. We are enjoying our time visiting friends and family in the States, but also, we are enjoying keeping up with life in "The Gu" through your blog. Thanks again for covering for Lynn so that we can have this family time.