Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Week at BMC

Today I started my last week here at the hospital. The hospital has started accepting insurance again and I was anticipating a heavy clinic day. It was heavier than last week, but not too bad for a Monday.

Dr. Jim Howard arrived over the weekend and is here for a couple of weeks so that is a help. He has been here several times so pretty well knows the ropes.

Waiting to be seen

Though this may not look like a lot of people, it is only a few of those who are waiting to register to be seen.

Patients come from far and wide and many wait for hours to be seen. Some have passed other hospitals or already been to other hospitals

Since people come from all over, there are many different languages spoken. So all of the providers, whether Ghanaian or expatriate, needs to have an interpreter. Jim's interpreter today was a medical student so both he and Jim benefitted from the time.

Dr. Howard and Reuben with a patient




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