Monday, July 7, 2014


One view of the escarpment
 Yesterday Peter and I drove to the town of Nakpanduri, about 17 miles and 45 minutes east of Nalerigu. It is on the edge of an escarpment that runs for many miles from the Togo border to west of Nalerigu.

We went to visit Denise Klein Douwel who has lived in Ghana since 1970 when she was in the Peace Corps. She married John Klein Douwel who was from Holland in 1981. They worked for many years raising and selling trees in northern Ghana and both of them had been good friends for most of the time we lived in Nalerigu. John died from cancer in February and so Denise is trying to carry on the tree project alone. I had brought a few things for her and wanted to go say hello and give her what I had.

She always has lots of animals. Dogs, monkeys, baboons, ducks, turkeys (mean ones!), deer, horses and donkeys to name a few. One of her donkeys had been attacked by other donkeys and was pretty beat up. She asked that I check him out and give her some advice. So we went with her to see the donkey and to do what we could.

Washing off wound and trying not to get kicked
Spraying medicine on the wound while Denise holds him down

Denise wrestled the donkey to the ground and sat on the neck while I cleaned off the wound on the chest and sprayed medicine on it. We practice a little broader scope of medical care here. But it keeps things interesting.
Crowds at the installation of a chief
On the way to Nakpanduri we were held up in one village by crowds of people on the road as they were in the process of installing a new chief.
When we got back to Nalerigu, we drove through the center of town and saw piles of watermelon for sale. That seems to be a new crop here at this time of year.
Watermelons for sale


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