Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Week in Nalerigu

Since today is Thursday we mostly did surgery. But every day begins with rounds and today was no different. The doctors make rounds and see each patient every day. There are 120-130 patients on admission right now So it takes a while to see everyone. Here are some pictures from the wards:

Some of the patients on Men's Ward

  The hospital is often more than full and             patients are sometimes asked to sleep on the floor. It is not so strange since many sleep on mats on the floor at home.

Staff preparing for rounds

After rounds I went to the OR to do surgery cases. I worked part of the time With the Ghanaian surgeon, Dr. Muntaka and we both did some cases on our own. I was able to do some teaching and demonstration on how to do certain things.
Waiting in the surgery office for a case

Dr. Muntaka and Kwame Duut, surgery tech
 On the way home to eat supper I passed by the nutrition center. They were just getting ready to close for the day and the mothers were getting a lecture about how to care for their kids.

Lecture on caring for children

One of the children at nutrition center

Mother and child

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