Friday, June 5, 2015

First Full Day at BMC

Well, we do have internet access but it is very slow. I will try posting a couple of pictures from today and hope nobody will be too offended by their medical content.

I slept fairly well last night even though it was pretty warm and humid. We were pretty tired after the trip from Accra. We got to the airport in Accra to check in for our 9:30 flight and were told it was delayed until 10:30. A little after 10:00 I went to see why we had not been called to board and was told the flight had been cancelled and we would need to come back the next day. Then they said we could transfer to another airline and they would do that for us. The flight was to be at 3:00 PM. We went to check in again at 1:30 and I was told my ticket had been cancelled!! after about 2 hours of arguing and pleading, I got a boarding pass. We finally left Accra around 5:00 PM after 8+ hours in the airport. We got to Nalerigu around 9:00 PM.

So today we started work. I did two hernia repairs and then went to clinic. After lunch did surgery on a lady with twisted large ovarian cyst. Then finished clinic around 5:00 PM and did a few minor procedures in the minor surgery area. Home around 7:00 for supper.

Staff using bandages made from old sheets
Torsion (twisted) ovarian cyst

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