Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Today Paul and I flew to Kumasi, once known as the Garden City of West Africa. We went to meet with the new chairman of the hospital governing board, Dr. Gabriel Sakyi Kwofi. Dr. Kwofi is the president of Living Waters Ministry and is a medical doctor. He is currently running three hospitals as part of his ministry and has a background in business as well as medicine.

Dr. Paul Shumpert and Dr. Gabriel Kwofi

Front of Living Waters Hospital

Dr. Kwofi seems to have good ideas for what needs to be done to take BMC to the next level of development and we look forward to working with him and Ghana Baptist Convention in making changes that will result in BMC being a vital growing institution with good demonstration of the Good news and God's love.

Many of the trucks, buses and cars have religious slogans painted on them and we pray that these will not be just words, but rather a way of life for Ghanaians.

Seen on the back of a bus today.

Tomorrow we head up to the hospital and get to work. I hope to be able to continue posting pictures and updates on our activities, so check back often.

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