Monday, June 8, 2015


We finally got a good rain tonight and everyone is happy for that. Since the rain started after dark, I am not able to post any pictures of the rain. Below is a picture of how brown the vegetation has been and maybe in a few days I can show how fast things turn green.

View from our front porch before rain

It took nearly 10 minutes to upload and post this picture, so I will wait on trying to do more tonight. 

Today was clinic day and we were fairly busy. I did a surgery case, made rounds and then spent the rest of the day seeing outpatients in the clinic. Most of the people I saw were wanting to have surgery and came to be scheduled. My time here is fully booked, so we are telling people to come back in 2 months to try again.

Tomorrow is a day to do scheduled surgery and we have 5 cases on the schedule. Not very many, but there could be emergencies and there are usually things that happen to keep us from doing as much as we would like.

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